Jinks’s RTG gap in Paris

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Some guy recently posted an animated sequence of Shaun Jinks’s almighty gap from 2012 Ride To Glory on his Tumblr under the headline “Best thing I saw in 2012. Fucking mentalist.”
To be honest, having witnessed this feat first hand, the guy is not wrong.

This is a busy pedestrianized shopping centre in suburban Paris at lunchtime. I think Janis knew right away that something was going down cos he immediately started hobbling towards one of the surrounding balconies. Tonash, Dunk, and myself didn’t clock it at all until Shaun came booking around the corner at mach 10. The three of us stood with mouths agape as Shaun cleared the gap perfectly. Amazing. Only not so amazing since none of us had recorded it. As inquest into the lack of camera action began Janis appeared shouting “I got it, I got it” and the world began to spin once again. Truly one of the greatest bicycle stunts I’ve ever seen. And a whole lot gnarlier from where I was stood.

I guess this sequence paints the picture well;
The two ladies walking away only realize what just happened as Shaun leaves the frame. Same with the guy reading his book right at the back
The geezer in the leather jacket seems to have clocked it as do the other two ladies sat having a natter. If either of those three had decided to leave at the wrong time it could have been a train wreck!
The prize winner is the guy with one hand in pocket and cigarette in the other. That guy got the front row seat and took it all in his stride like a boss.

Spare a thought for Shaun who’s been off his bike for the last year!

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