Max Chuprina//Tecmatik

Max and his custom Tecmatik

Max’s name is pronounced Shoe-preen-ah. I’d always said it Cha-prina until the lady I booked his hotel for Simple Session laughed at my failure to communicate in Russian.

I know how to pronounce Tecmatik alright.

With the help of the homies at Raen store Max recently built up a new Tecmatik with all that’s good in all black….a colourway that always looks fire and doesn’t attract unwanted attention.  From Titushky in Russia or Roadmen in the UK!

That headtube graphic came from some 60’s prints advertising the London Underground that Tonash found.

A grind ready front wheel
Steering set up

Acala stems have proved themselves. The current model is 6-bolt only, blakc or polished. Holds your bars in place and Tripod seat set up looks good. Max runs Odyssey forks (in our opinion the best you can buy).

Drive train set up

Gloss stickers on matt frames look kind of dirty so we used flat die-cut (rub on style) graphics printed here in the UK.

Max runs a 28t Magnon sprocket. He’s aware of weight without stressing it too much. This piece is a good balance. Strong but not bulky like those cheap CD style sprockets. Odyssey cranks and Fly pedals round out Max’s drive train.

Rear wheel set up

Max is pretty well known for pushing freecoaster riding. Obviously our Select hub and matching  Ultramid® Select guardsis going to be his choice.

Proper x Boqer 123 tripod seat

Max hung out with Josh from Boqer 123 on our In Between Days tour. Makes sense to rock our colab tripod seat and post combo. No cows or other farm animals were harmed in the making of this seat and it looks all money in that black with a grey woven logo.

Team grips

Team grips sit alongside one of the two others (Longnecks and Edwins come to mind) as one of the classics that have been around since before must current days riders picked up their first bike. Longer mushroom-style grips with micro (or no) flanges might be the norm nowadays but they were seen way differently when released.


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