Tripod seats

This is our second selection of Tripod seats. This time the range is expanded with four different colourway/designs all with it’s own unique finish. We’ve gone with a fat shaped seat with a little less padding on top for the best combination of comfort and good looks. This year’s models have more attention to details with bespoke Proper labels and bumpers for durablity. We chose to go with a Tripod design over Pivotal for the following reasons;

  • It looks better without a slit in the top of the seat
  • The Tripod post provides more support to the base, making for a stronger seat seat up
  • The seat sits a little further back on a Tripod (which we prefer)
  • The Tripod system is noticeably lighter
  • More and more brands are adopting the Tripod system. Many 2016 completes even come with a Tripod seat as standard
  • It’s roughly the same price as pivotal seat



  • Black denim with Invader embroidery
  • Black Proper x Boqer123 embroidery
  • Tan Proper x Boqer123 embroidery

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