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Mikey Wurzinger has a chill park style and some banger tricks. Holding it down for us over in Germany. See what you think!

Mike Würzinger – Wicked Sessions

Posted 2 months ago

We always thought Columbia had a pretty small BMX scene. Our distro over there (Community BMX) is looking for a new lad to represent Proper over there and decided to run a video contest to find the winner. Thankfully it seems BMX is alive and well in this South American country! Here’s the 10 finalists;

Weimar Jan Carlos Guerra

Sebastián Gómez Morales

Daniel Vargas Lote

Jonathan Gomez

Luis David Correa

Nayib Jesus Tom

Jimmy Cardozo

Fernando Pinillos

Omar Calderon

Byron Poveda

Proper in Columbia

Posted 3 months ago

Here’s the final edit from our week in The Warehouse Project. If you want to know more about the 20ft cock and other events be sure to pick up the new Ride UK.

Warehouse Project edit

Posted 4 months ago

Max Chuprina mixtape from IMG TV on Vimeo.

Max Chuprina Mixtape

Max lives in the middle of Siberia (Krasnoyarsk) and it seems there isn't too much to ride there besides one big indoor skatepark. I can’t tell you for sure because Max speaks little to no English. During August Max travelled to Moscow and the UK stacking footage. I’m not 100% sure but I think Max might be the first Russian rider to travel to the UK to ride his bike. It’s certainly not that simple as we had to produce certificates and write letters before Max could even apply for a VISA. These are the clips he filmed at various plazas along his way. The UK street clips of Max and his Proper team mates from our #inbetweendays tour will be dropping over the coming weeks. Filmed by Nataly Bystrova, Andrew Polukarov, and Jamie Cameron

Posted 6 months ago

Sean Kelly’s unique take on skatepark riding. Some ridiculous front wheel tech and some good old fashioned blasting. You don’t wanna miss one.

Sean Kelly – One

Posted 1 year ago

Killing it out of Greece. We like this guy. He rides with air of a man who’s put in some time but never got stuck in the past.


Vaggelis Dimostenous Edit

Posted 1 year ago

Some clips you may have seen before, some you wont. Either way Radek is bossing the tech street clips in this edit.


Posted 1 year ago

Leandro “Overall” got invited to this week’s Dew Tour Dirt Contest. Here’s a last minute session before he headed out to San Francisco. Here‘s an interview for the benefit of our Portugese readers!

Leandro Edit

Posted 1 year ago