If you’ve managed to do the unthinkable and broken or bent any Proper product, please contact the dealer (who supplied your purchase) as soon as possible. Any dealer will be happy to inspect the damage and process any warranty claim on your behalf.

Simply take the product back to your dealer along with a copy of your original sales receipt and they’ll do the rest. We realise that any time off your bike is a hard thing to bear which is why we operate one of the most efficient warranty departments in the business, ensuring that you’re back on your bike as soon as possible.



  • Warranty of the product is valid to the original owner only
  • Proof of purchase must be supplied showing the date of purchase
  • A damaged product must be returned for a claim to be processed



  • Product name and part number (if available)
  • Customer name
  • Contact E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • A full description of the problem



  • We don’t accept warranty claims via social media, or any means other than described. If you have a query or wish to clarify the status of your claim please email info@Properbikeco.com
  • Costs in returning damaged products are down to the returnee
  • Please contact us as soon as any defect is noted. Any additional damage sustained may void your warranty
  • If your Proper product is suitable for warranty but no longer manufactured and has been replaced by a superior/revised version, any warranty may be subject to an upgrade charge
  • Bends are not usually covered under warranty. Bends are NOT usually caused by manufacturing defects
  • If a crack occurs that is caused by a dent (or similar damage) to the product it will not be suitable for warranty
  • Finishes and paint work are not covered by warranty, unless it is due to a manufacturing defect. If you find a cosmetic defect within 30 days of the original purchase date then please email info@Properbikeco.com to clarify if it is suitable for warranty. Cosmetic damage/wear caused my repetitive use is not covered
  • Our warranty does not cover items that have already been replaced under warranty
  • Snapped axles are not covered under warranty. Sideways impacts can cause axles to break at any time
  • Stripped threads are not covered under warranty
  • Bearings have a 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects only This does not cover lack of maintenance or negligence

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